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Let me not speak about my book. Rather I would love that you to read the book and then speak about it-speak critically.

Here I give excerpts of forwarding of the book written by one of my close friend who has been into Indian Administrative Services. Before I got this book published I gave him the manuscripts to read and critically examine and give his reviews and also a forward to the book. He was kind enough to accept my submissions. He has academic degrees from St. Xavier’s College, University of Calcutta), the London school of economics (BSc. Economics). Later he went to acquire an M.A. in Economics from Yale University and Ph.D. from the University of California. He has held academic faculty appointments at Clark, Cornell and Harvard Universities. He has been expert in international studies and worked as Joint Director of the Asian Centre at the University of Geneva.

Excerpts of his forward to my book I am giving below:

The author has a very honest approach to the allures and siren-calls of money-making. He is forthcoming and passionate about how to make money, drawing the reader almost like a pied piper into all the nooks and crannies of the financial sectors of today’s India. Writing in a first-person style, it almost seems as if he is speaking to you, the reader, on an individual basis. He cautions you, encourages you, lures you into the money maze where untold riches can be yours if you are patient, sensible, do your own homework, ignore the herd mentality, as well as stay immune to the constant bombardment of ‘tips’ and rumors which surround the snake-pits of the financial world.his is a very unusual book on the world of Indian financial markets. He refers to the speculative side of money-management which sometimes seduces people adventurous or foolhardy enough to take a leap to riches, or descend to penury in one fell swoop. He seems to suggest that money in our day and age can be both a necessity and a curse depending on how we value it, earn it, use it – or spurn it, ignore it, yet still be at peace without (too much?) of it.

The obverse side – of losing money – is also dealt with. There are bound to be ups and downs in the money market, says the author, which cannot be predicted by anyone – but anyone. The person must be prepared mentally to envision such situations accosting him without losing his cool or jumping off the top of a tall building. Better to learn from the experience. Life’s lessons can be hard. Take time off – if strengthened, come back wiser and more determined to succeed with more care and wisdom. If not, then, with a lesson learned, stay away from the market.

Although it may not be the author’s intention, the book is, simultaneous to its primary purpose of unraveling the money-making world, a primer on life. It talks to you in simple language if obliquely about the grand but wayward passage of life, its ups and downs, it’s essential unpredictability, and looks into the psychological underpinnings that attend many of us as we travel from here to oblivion. It provides, in the end, hard-hitting information and advice to all – money men or not – a healthy dose of medicinal reality about the world without pulling any punches.

This is not an academic-style sanitized version of the financial world of India. It gives frank but sound advice – with many examples of real-life winners and losers: of what happened to them, and why, and how they responded thereafter. It openly reveals the racy and dangerous arena out there in the financial pits. Therein lies the equal co-existence of extreme brutality and orgasmic euphoria as thousands of avaricious players joust in monetary gladiatorial combats. Much blood is spilled on a daily, nay hourly even minute-by-minute, basis as punters endlessly pursue the angles to make more and more ‘rupayyas’. It is all wonderful and terrible at the same time.


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The book is an attempt to demystify the psychology of investors, traders, and speculators dealing in the stock market. It is also an insight into how institutional investors operate in the financial markets.

KM Aggarwal

Former President of ICA, India

The quality and the quantity of the content is overwhelming. A very easy and entertaining read, authored by one who has see many cycles of ups and downs of the financial markets

Hemant Parikh

Dirctor, Trambaklal Ratilal Parikh & son

One of the best Investing books I read so far which has given an elaborated framework by combining technical and fundamental analysis

Deepak Kalra

Retired,Deputy GM, PNB
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