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To me it is quite strange to write my own biography. It is the time, dates, events happenings, successes, achievements as well as failures at times. The most impactful learning part of my experience I gained during the period I was surrounded by problems & problems and no solution at times was coming insight.  That period unfolded the real meaning of life to me. That phase made me clear, the real meaning of life. That period unfolded and uncovered the faces of all my relationships, friends and all the people around. That period made me a human being who tried to come up above the sorrows and happiness of life.  My most significant achievement is not how I lived the life but it is how life taught me to live with head high in all the circumstances and be truthful come what may. Before, I often felt desperate with happening of anything which I was not expecting. But now I look back at my life and feel satisfied as I lived the life in my own ways and lived as I wished. With all the lessons life has taught me, I started living life one day at a time, started living in present moments without any worries either of past or of future.

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