The Raj Foundation

I got registered The Raj Foundation on 15th November 2018 as a public and charitable trust. The trust has been registered wholly for public & charitable purposes for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex, and language. Besides all other public and charitable objects and deeds, the foremost aim of the trust is to bring happiness in the life of those elders who are lost and forgotten in this fast moving 21ast century by improving the quality of life of elderly  people, maintaining their dignity through caretaking, decreasing their dependency, rehabilitating them, to help them to lead a blissful life, providing quality of lifestyle with utmost care and love and generating social and economic opportunities and developing.

How and why I thought to start the foundation for elderly people especially is a long story I will tell you and will write separately in detail. One thing I assure to all that till the life I am alive I will work for the cause of elderly people who are lost and forgotten in this present days’ advancement and dazzling of the present time.

Funding for the foundation is going to come from my income from my profession as well as from the land I have.

The income from the book I wrote and will be writing in future will be utilized for the foundation.

It is the truth, a wonderful truth that the things we want most in our life i.e happiness, hope and purpose of life are the ones most easily achieved by giving them to others.

I loved one clipping on youtube and sharing it here as I wish that to my capacities, capabilities and by blessings of God, I will try my best to give such life to as many people I would be able to give.

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