Investing, Trading & Speculation in India

In this book, I have covered the fundamentals of Investing, Trading and speculating with case studies and real-life Stories to help explain the context in a relatable way. Most of the case studies, stories, and commentary are based out of my experience in the rough-and-tumble world of Financial Market.


The book is an attempt to demystify the psychology of investors, traders, and speculators dealing in the stock market. It is also an insight into how institutional investors operate in the financial markets.

KM Aggarwal

Former President of ICA, India

The quality and the quantity of the content is overwhelming. A very easy and entertaining read, authored by one who has see many cycles of ups and downs of the financial markets

Hemant Parikh

Dirctor, Trambaklal Ratilal Parikh & son

One of the best Investing books I read so far which has given an elaborated framework by combining technical and fundamental analysis

Deepak Kalra

Retired,Deputy GM, PNB

This book covers all the gambits of the Capital Market.  This is an insight into the stock market, how its investors – retail or institutional operate. It is packed with near real-life examples of investors, traders, and speculators; about their making the money as well lose it to an extent that they come on the road.

Dr Naresh Maheshwari

FCA FCS Ph.D. is chairman of Farsight Group

A must have book for both matured and immature investors, traders and speculators. The author has done a logical systematic evaluation of the present day business environment and its effect on the stock market.

Sudhir Joshi

A senior chartered accountant, Past President of DSE

The book is well written, very precise and informative. Everything has been placed with a certain perspective.

Sharmila Banerjee

Resident Director, Head Western India, Indian chamber of commerce

The book is beautifully written in simple understandable terms for all investors and traders be it beginners and experts of the complex stock market. Mr. Chawla is a professional of the market and this book fills a huge gap on the bookshelves for the stock market knowledge.

Sunil Jain

A senior chartered accountant, a High networth Investor

A beautifully written book by Mr. Raj Chawla. This book is simple to understand, for all participants of stock markets, traders, investors, and speculators alike. A very easy and entertaining read which delves into the past about how our stock markets have evolved. Must Read in my opinion.

Harjeev Singh Chadha

Amazon User

Ideal book, for all stock market learners’, this book will help you to create an ideal based for your future investment in the market.

My personal experience is that am completely addicted to this book, so once I received this book, I called off my every single night, by reading Two chapter’s from the book.

Ankur Patil

Amazon user

“Speculative side of money-management which sometimes seduces people
adventurous or foolhardy enough to take a leap to riches, or descend to penury in
one fell swoop.”

Raj Chawla

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